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How We Work

At every step of the way, work with Polycot Associates is collaborative and transparent. You get access to our project portal for real-time visibility into our work for you. Expect frequent reports and communications to ensure that we are working in alignment with your priorities, your timeline, and your budget.

Our Process

Clear communication is the foundation for our success. Our process ensures, step by step, that we deliver a business website that both meets your needs and exceeds your expectations. There are four major phases of work.

First steps:

  • We provide an initial consultation to discuss your web project requirements.
  • We create an estimate based on a consultation with you about the work desired, and share it with you.
  • If you approve the estimate, we'll create a statement of work (SOW), which is our agreement with you. This is a form of contract that includes a description of the work to be performed. When we both agree on the language of the SOW, we'll use a system to get electronic signatures to execute the SOW.
  • We'll ask for 50% of the low end of the ranged estimate for the project as a down payment. When we've worked through the initial payment, we'll invoice monthly until we've completed the project.
  • We have an environment for project management and communication, which we share with you so that you have the option to track the project as closely as you like.
  • We'll work in two week phases of work, called sprints, and will report to you at the conclusion of each sprint on work performed and budget status.

Project Methodology:

Discovery Phase:

  • Our team evaluates and defines the project scope to create a detailed project plan. We work with you to define website features and functionality, as well as user stories (link to a blog about it).  We begin work on the visual design of the website, beginning with architecture and layout, followed by high-definition mock-ups of the site’s appearance.
  • You review the project plan, schedule,  risk factors, and proposed design. This is an ideal opportunity for you to ask questions so you can feel comfortable about moving forward.

Visual Design

  • We create a compelling visual design for the website, following industry standards while creating a unique web experience.

Website Development

  • We build on popular, mature platforms, such as Drupal and Wordpress. Your website is configured based on the agreed project plan, following our hybrid agile methodology (link to blog post). Our agile approach allows us to be responsive to emergent and changing requirements.
  • Quality Assurance: we complete ongoing iterations of test and review as we built out the website.
  • Soft launch: We can launch initially to a limited universe of beta users and make adjustments based on their feedback.


  • Following soft launch, we make any needed adjustments and finalize the website for public launch.
  • We then define and negotiate potential follow-up work or maintenance agreement as needed.
  • We can provide scheduled, periodic maintenance, if desired, to protect your site and keep it up to date.

More on how we work in this blog post.

A Collaborative Process

Our process of collaborative problem solving, planning and development prioritizes critical business requirements over costly and low-value “nice-to-have” features at the beginning, and iteratively throughout your project. We can often include desired functionality with a more effective tool or process than what is initially requested or defined.

Our years of collective expertise as web professionals and continued fascination with learning about the web help your business maximize success on the web. We constantly assess your website project for critical technology adjustments that can be made along the way. Our step-by-step approach allows for the greatest amount of flexibility for your business website, ensuring you get what you want.

Why You Need a Strong Project Manager

A great Project Manager (PM) makes the project run smoothly by providing clear communication among all the collaborators throughout the development process. PM's make sure all parties are well-informed and on course throughout the project. On average, PMs spend only 10 to 15 percent of the time that web developers spend in bringing your vision to life - an important cost savings for you (link to a blog post). Polycot Associates' aim is to always deliver web projects within or below our estimated budget.

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Polycot will deploy your site onto the hosting platform of your choice and provide maintenance on sites located in any hosting environment. We work with many hosting companies that range from small business to enterprise-level in their offering. We are proud partners of two elite hosting companies, Pantheon and Acquia.

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