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We seek a contractor available for ongoing, consistent work across multiple projects during USA work hours. The ideal candidate would have potential interest in eventually becoming a member-owner of our cooperative partnership. Women, BIPOC, and LGBTQIA+, are encouraged to apply.

Are you searching for a hybrid position between a freelance (part-time) and a full-time job?

Does the idea of potentially becoming a member-owner of a cooperative intrigue you?

Austin, TX-based Polycot Associates has an immediate need for a Javascript contractor who is available for ongoing, consistent work across multiple projects in React, NodeJS, or both.

Enjoy the flexibility of a freelance, flexible schedule combined with the support of an (equally) experienced team.

We have an enterprise project migrating to a modern JS-based framework, integrating multiple APIs. Work is scheduled in regular sprints and coordinated through daily stand-up meetings.

Also beneficial for our projects is experience in CSS/Sass, Jira, Pantheon, Lando, or Drupal. Extra credit if you live and breathe "big picture" knowledge and awareness of technology history and trends, and are self-disciplined and motivated.

Who we are

Polycot Associates is a values-driven, employee-owned cooperative business (which also qualifies as women-owned) offering web consulting and managed web development/design services. Our preferred clients are other mission-driven organizations, including nonprofits, other co-ops, green and sustainable organizations, businesses, and B-corporations.

Leveraging open-source tools, we provide comprehensive custom web development and design services, content strategy, conversion consulting, SEO, and social media integration. Our members have deep experience with the technologies and trends of responsive digital communication systems. We carefully manage our web development projects and work hard to ensure that our work is efficient and budget-sensitive.

Who we're seeking

  • Self-organized, ability to meet deadlines, and identify/communicate blockers early
  • A good communicator who respects and holds appropriate boundaries
  • Ability to interact respectfully with team members and clients of various skill levels
  • A human being with experience managing own and others' emotions/expectations
  • Responsive to email, available as needed for online chat & video conference

What we need

  • Several years of development experience
  • Front-end development with React, Node.js, CSS/Sass
  • Professional use of multiple procedural programming languages, primarily Javascript in this case
  • Containerized development environments using Docker/Lando
  • Use of source control management technologies, especially git
  • Integrations with third-party services and APIs
  • Adherence to best practices to aid security and maintainability of the codebase
  • Ability to learn new technologies, including additional languages, libraries, and frameworks
  • Leverage asynchronous programming, queuing, caching, logging, security and persistence when appropriate.

What we offer

  • Hourly rate is commensurate with experience.
  • Referral commission is 5% for any closed sales brought to Polycot.
  • Provisional Member/Ownership track is available after 6 months of contracting and work on multiple projects.
  • Work on your own schedule as long as communication and deadlines are intact.


  • Our optional weekly team huddle where we review available work is typically on Tuesdays from 9-10 am CT, via online video conference.
  • Availability of work depends on project scheduling
  • Specific assignments are coordinated with other team members via each project's Tech Lead.
  • Most team interactions occur virtually via video conference. We get together in real life for monthly happy hours and various activities in Austin, TX (with COVID safety precautions).

Nice to have

  • Knowledge and awareness of technology history and trends
  • Experience with deployment to and management of various hosting platforms, including Pantheon or
  • Use and management of relational databases (MySQL, etc.)
  • Experience with Drupal 7.x and 8/9.x 
  • Hosting management experience, including new website/database setup, website migrations, and error troubleshooting

How to apply

Click here to complete this form and upload your resume & cover letter.

PS: So that we know you're a human and that you've read this page in its entirety, the answer to the question on our application form is "Capybara."