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Enterprise-quality services

Kerri LawnsbyI am a sole proprietor and have always just "done it myself" with regards to everything a small business needs, including web work.

But this past month I hit a wall with my website. A change had been made that rippled out to make my entire website infrastructure unstable. And since I had three websites operating as subdomains under a single web hosting platform, things got complicated quickly. I was out of my league in terms of the technical savvy needed to bring my websites back into safety.

Lucky for me, I had a friend at Polycot Associates: Mr. Robert Matney. When I asked for help, even though the team at Polycot was swamped with other work, they made my website challenge a priority. They parachuted in, and within hours there was a project tracking system in place, notifying me up-to-the-minute of progress on my issue. I felt like I had an army of tactical web warriors strategizing for the most efficient way to safely extricate my website from pending doom. They saved my websites, and made them more secure and stable than before, with a handful of hours. As it turns out, my website issue was pretty tricky, even though it was built on Wordpress. With their expertise, Polycot saved me from the laborious and time intensive task of rebuilding all three websites.

Even if you are a sole proprietor, you can rely on the enterprise-quality services of Polycot.

Kerri Hummingbird Lawnsby